Lisa Plain is the co-founder of Golden Path Learning, the founder of Career Balance Coaching, and a co-host on the Career Builder's Podcast. She is a Certified Professional Coach, ACC Certified through the International Coach Federation, and a former CPA who felt there was something missing in her career. She undertook a journey of self and career discovery to find that missing piece and is now on a mission to help other high-achieving professionals do the same.

As an extroverted-introvert, Lisa is known for her ability guide clients to uncover new insights that will take them to the next level in their career. She has helped hundreds of clients discover their career purpose, increase self-confidence, develop leadership skills, and feel empowered with the tools they need to put plans into action. 

Prior to pursuing her dream as a coach, her career took a winding path starting with Human Resources and then moving into Finance, where she spent 8 years before going through a major career transition herself. Her most recent role was Manager, Financial Strategy supporting Technology at a major Canadian Bank, and she holds a CPA, CMA, and MBA. Through these experiences, she gained an understanding of the highs and lows of the corporate world and how to navigate for success.

Lisa has always been a people-person, and her gentle, calm, empathetic nature allows her to see individuals as multifaceted. It is this quality that led her to approach career transitions differently and create the "Career Puzzle"' which serves as the foundation for the Career Discovery Course.

Lisa co-created the Golden Path Learning program as a new way to approach self-discovery and career development. She believes that with our identities tied so closely to our work, its important to understand the big picture. With this understanding, plus the tools and tips in these courses, she knows you are truly unstoppable.


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