The Career Discovery Path


Gain clarity on what you really want in your career.

  • Learn about the Career Puzzle and how it leads to fulfillment at work
  • Complete self & career discovery exercises to understand what makes you tick
  • Explore industries and roles that excite you
  • Create a framework for decision making in your career
  • Develop an action plan and strategy for overcoming obstacles



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The Path to Personal Branding


Create personal branding materials that make you stand out.

  • Define your personal brand
  • Create a resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile that showcases your unique value
  • Increase your marketability and visibility
  • Be ready to put yourself out there
  • Increase professionalism and position yourself strategically in the job market




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The Strategic Job Search Path


Learn about the high-impact activities that will land you the interview.

  • Learn about the difference between the general and personalized application strategies
  • Understand the importance of direct, targeted outreach
  • Explore networking strategies that will lead to a meaningful connections
  • Create a networking strategy that will set you up for longer-term success
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The Path to Interview Mastery


Everything you need to ace the interview and get a job offer.

  • Stand out and be the most prepared candidate that interviews for the job.
  • Uplevel your professional image by learning how to present yourself with confidence.
  • Improve your communication to ensure your interview responses are clear, concise and impactful.
  • Learn about interview etiquette and create your elevator pitch.
  • Take the fear out of the interview process, and make interviewing fun and natural.

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Single Course


  • Choose the course that suits your current need
  • Have the option to purchase additional courses later, if needed

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4-Course Bundle


  • Complete career transition guidance from start to finish
  • A savings of over $100 off of the individually priced courses

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