An online program to make your career transition seamless.

Making a career or job change can be challenging.

You're faced with endless career choices, a competitive job market, ever changing job search technology, and to top it off... these topics were missed in your traditional education.

If you're here, something isn't working. It can cause you to feel stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, and like you're fighting a losing battle.

Deep down you know: you deserve to do meaningful work and live up to your true potential.

The great news is you CAN achieve career satisfaction!

Our four course program was designed to help you successfully transition into the next phase in your career. Founders and coaches Jacqueline Victoria Grant and Lisa Plain have helped hundreds of people transition jobs internationally. Golden Path Learning is here to support you to make lasting change. 


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All The Tools You Need to Successfully Change Jobs

Our holistic courses help you find clarity, build confidence, create a high impact action plan, and sell yourself with ease.

The Career Discovery Path

Gain clarity on what you really want in your career.

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The Path to Personal Branding

Create personal branding materials that make you stand out.

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The Strategic Job Search Path

Learn about the high-impact activities that will land you the interview.

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The Path to Interview Mastery

Increase your professional presence and confidence to get the job.

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You Might Be Wondering, "What Makes This Program Different?"

We have worked hard to make this an interactive, whole human program that allows your unique value to shine through. We put you in the driver seat and empower you with the tools to be in control of your career, long-term.

Be warned! Side effects may include increased confidence in other areas of your life, pride in your work, and excitement to get up in the morning.


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